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Azinet Press provides some educational and general-interest ebooks for free. Here is a list of free science ebooks available in formats to fit many e-reader devices as well as PDF format for reading on a computer or tablet.

In general, the PDF format has better layout properties and appearance if your reader has a large enough screen for PDF documents in 8.5 X 11 inch format. All of these books are available for access through the in-reader stores for Kindle, Apple, and Kobo e-reader devices:

 An Introduction to Biological Aging Theory 2nd ed (PDF) 2019. ISBN: 0-9788709-1-3.  Apple ibook  Kindle ebook  Nook ebook  Kobo ebook  

This short book provides an overview of biological aging theories including history, current status, major scientific controversies, and implications for the future of medicine. Major topics include: human mortality as a function of age, aging mechanisms and processes, the programmed vs. non-programmed aging controversy, empirical evidence on aging, and the feasibility of anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

 Aging by Design (PDF) 2014. ISBN: 0-9788709-3-X. Kindle ebook  Apple ibook  Nook ebook  Kobo ebook

Why do we age? How do we age? These questions have baffled scientists for centuries and remain unresolved. The answer to the “how” question is critical to our ability to successfully prevent and treat age-related diseases like cancer and heart disease that now cause the majority of all deaths in the developed world. Because of major difficulties in directly experimentally determining causes of aging, the answer to the “why” question is critical to guiding research efforts directed toward identifying and altering processes involved in age-related diseases.
Evolution theory plays a critical role in the “why” issue because it attempts to explain why each living organism has its particular design and therefore why different species display different aging characteristics and different life spans.
This short book describes the history and current status of attempts to explain why we age extending from Darwin’s 1859 theory to the present day. The author provides colorful and interesting descriptions of the theorists, their theories, the discoveries and the controversies that have led us to the current situation: Although there is very wide scientific agreement about most aspects of evolution theory, four different theories now exist concerning the fine details that apply to aging. These four theories lead to radically different concepts regarding the actual biological mechanisms behind the aging process and consequently the mechanisms behind age-related diseases.

 New Truth to the Fountain of Youth (PDF) 2014 ISBN: 0-9788709-4-8. Nook ebook  Kindle ebook  Apple ibook   Kobo ebook

For most of the past century, it was widely thought that delaying the human aging process was scientifically impossible. More recently, it has become increasingly clear that delaying aging is not only possible but a near-term reality. This book describes how theories of biological aging have evolved to support anti-aging medicine and summarizes the steadily increasing experimental evidence confirming that slowing the aging process is medically feasible. These developments are leading to fundamental changes in the way we think of age-related diseases like cancer and heart disease.

The author goes on to describe possible approaches to finding anti-aging agents and ways modern technology, including the Internet, could be applied to the search.

The Evolution of Aging 3rd ed. (PDF) 2014 Illustrated textbook on aging theories. Kindle ebook

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Amazon has a hidden price category, $0-$0, that denotes completely free Kindle books (not just free for Amazon Prime customers) including many science books. There are also hidden keywords to select (mostly) no classics, no public domain (pre-1923) books, and no books that are merely excerpts. Note that these Amazon book searches will sometimes list a few non-free titles because Amazon is continuously doing short-time free promotions (a few days each) of many books and the free list may have been compiled before the price changed back. The free books listed by these searches will therefore change dramatically from day to day. After you click on one of the following links and display the first page of free books, you can further refine your search by subject category (e.g. biology).  From the search results page you can click on a book and then do a one-click "purchase" to send the book to all of your Kindle devices. Check to be sure it is actually free "Kindle price: $0.00" before clicking.

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