Cover: Anti-Aging Medicine Book     Anti-Aging Medicine: How we can extend lifespan and live longer and healthier lives  

Theodore C. Goldsmith

Book Contents


Rev 2   9/2021



1. Introduction    

   Aging Theory Overview   

   Anti-Aging Medicine Overview   

2. Nature of Aging and Lifespan     

   Key Observations Concerning Aging     

   Age Related Diseases        

3. Evolution Theory and Aging       

   Darwin’s Evolutionary Conundrum on Aging  

   Early Aging Theories        

   Fundamental Limitation Aging Theories           

   Modern Evolutionary Aging Theories    

   Evolutionary Non-Programmed Aging Theories           

   Modern Population-Oriented Evolutionary Mechanics Theories       

   Evolvability and Digital Genetics

   Modern Evolutionary Programmed Aging Theories    

   The Gerontology Manifesto on Aging Theories 

4. Evidence Supporting Programmed Aging     

   Genetics Discoveries Affecting Evolutionary Mechanics          

   Lifespan Regulation by Sensing of External Conditions          

   Caloric Restriction and Lifespan

   Stress and Lifespan          

   Aging Genes          

   Hutchinson-Guilford Progeria and Werner Syndrome

   Negligible Senescence       

   Octopus and Salmon Suicide       

   Programmed Cell Death -- Apoptosis     

   Superficial Nature of Lifespan    

   Reproduction Observations vs. Traditional Theory     

   Hormones - Blood Experiments  

5. U.S. Health System Summary     

   Certainty Varies Greatly  

   Cause and Effect   

   Medicine is Extremely Oriented Toward Specific Diseases     

   Aging is Widely Seen as an Untreatable Condition       

   The Effectiveness of Medicine Declines with Age         

   U.S. Health Care Issues    

   Medical Research  

   The Zero-Sum Game        

   Treatment vs. Prevention 

6. Exercise and Activity - Effects on Aging 85

   Adaptative Mechanisms   

   Programmed Aging Regulation Strategy           

   Sex and Aging       

7. Non-Science Factors Favor Non-Programmed Aging       

   Nature of the Health System        


   Public Attitudes Regarding Aging          

   Scientific Inertia    

   Scientific Journals 

   Religious Opposition to Evolution Theory         

8. Programmed vs Non-Programmed Aging – Current Status       

9. Anti-Aging Research

10. Anti-Aging Medicine        

   Suspected Anti-Aging Agents      

11. Conclusions  

12. Free Resources and Further Reading 

13. About the Author   

   Author’s Request  

14. Appendix      

   Common Characteristics of Digital Communications Schemes and Implications for Evolutionary Mechanics Theory           

   Recent Arguments Against Non-Programmed Aging   

   Arguments Against the Disposable Soma Theory         

   Arguments Against the Antagonistic Pleiotropy Theory          

   Issues with Non-Programmed Aging Mechanisms        

   Recent Arguments Against Programmed Aging

15. Glossary        

16. References     



Anti-Aging Medicine: How we can Extend Lifespan and Live Longer and Healthier Live – Paperback version – Theodore C. Goldsmith ISBN 0978870964 (2021) 6x9 print edition.  


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