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Theodore C. Goldsmith

Book Description

      Aging is a treatable condition! For centuries aging and a particular human lifespan have been widely thought to be an inescapable and fundamental aspect of human existence. However, today there is an increasing understanding that aging is treatable, like a disease, and that therefore anti-aging medicine and lifespan extension are possible.

Why do we age? Although Darwin’s evolution theory explains the vast majority of observations concerning the evolved designs of living organisms including humans, scientists have struggled for more than 160 years to explain why we age in evolutionary terms. Modern theories of biological aging are based on relatively minor modifications to Darwin’s ideas about the nature of the evolution process, and there is still no wide scientific agreement on any single aging theory. In addition, these theories have drastically different predictions regarding the treatability of aging and the nature of the biological mechanisms that cause aging and highly age-related diseases like cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Modern thinking has been greatly affected by relatively recent discoveries especially in the area of biological inheritance (genetics). This book describes the history and current status of aging theories and explains why the newest theories are much more likely to be valid and much more optimistic regarding our ability to treat aging.

What can we personally do to slow aging? This book explores the increasing evidence that personal behaviors including diet and exercise can generally delay aging and age-related diseases. In addition, there is evidence that some pharmaceutical agents can act to delay aging. Major research efforts are now underway to exploit these possibilities.

How does anti-aging medicine relate to current medicine and health care? Current health care systems as they have evolved for centuries are still largely based on the idea that aging is an inevitable unchangeable part of life. However, there are now anti-aging medical practices that can provide guidance for personal efforts to delay aging including diet, exercise, and applicable pharmaceutical agents.


Topics include:

·         Key observations about the nature of aging.

·         Orally administered substances known to increase longevity in mice.

·         Why exercise increases longevity.

·         Anti-aging medicine issues with existing health care systems.

·         Social, educational, ethical, and economic issues with extending lifespan.

·         How lifespan extension concepts add to our ability to devise treatments for age-related diseases.


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Anti-Aging Medicine: How we can Live Longer and Healthier Live – Paperback version – Theodore C. Goldsmith ISBN 0978870964 (2021) 6x9 print edition.  


Anti-Aging Medicine: How we can extend lifespan and live longer and healthier lives – eBook PDF edition 6x9, free download.


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