Aging Theories, Evolution of Longevity


The book, The Evolution of Aging 3rd edition, (PDF) is available here for free download.  The book covers various theories of aging, summaries of evolution theories, the impact of evolution theory on aging theories, effect of theories and attitudes on anti-aging research, and summaries of many scientific observations that influence thinking on the subject of aging. 2014 

Sorry, this book is no longer available in HTML form. Please use the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version above.  If you need a free Adobe Acrobat reader, you can obtain it from Adobe.

The Evolution of AgingThe third edition of this book, published April 2014, is also available in paperback format

Paperback, 8.5" X 11", 190pp, 29 illustrations ISBN: 0978870956

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Short ebook Aging by Design free PDF 49 pages - General interest book on aging theories, theorists, controversies, and anti-aging research. Also available on Kindle.

For a shorter treatment of the same subject see: An Introduction to Biological Aging Theory 2nd edition (PDF ISBN: 9780978870911 2014 37pp free). Also available: Kindle Edition.

If you want a really short overview see Biological Aging Theories - One-Page Summary.

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